DAY 4 : The ribs of the violin

We are now on our way to the beautiful church at St Hilary for the last concert of the first group of musicians at the seminar. We are so grateful for all their contributions to the violin project – it has been truly fun working with such an amazing group of people. 

Mark bending the ribs ©Miles Essex

The ribs

The sides of the violin are called the ribs, which are the only part of the violin which is bent. The wood of the ribs should match the wood of the back of the violin, ideally even from the same log. The ribs are steamed to their form on a hot iron which is around 250 degrees. It is possible that the ribs could break while doing the steaming so a luthier would always have spare material. After the bending, the ribs are glued on a mould which is supported with blocks.

Ribs drying on the mould