DAY 5 : Removing the mould

Another week has started here at the IMS and we are glad to welcome a new group of musicians at the seminar. Over the weekend we had exceptional concerts – so inspirational!

Many people have been coming to the workshop every day and even Peter and Mark are surprised how quickly things have been progressing. As you can see in the video, today we took out the mould around which the ribs were drying (read more in the post for day 4).

Removing the mould from IMS_Violin2017 on Vimeo.

The next step is to glue in the linings (small wooden strips) which support the whole body of the violin as the ribs are only 1mm thick. In this case we are using spruce for the linings but it’s also possible to use willow, poplar or some other wood what is light and easy to bend. Like the ribs, the linings are bent on a hot iron and then glued in the body of the violin.