DAY 13 : Concert debut

Our daily updates from here at IMS Prussia Cove have now come to an end.

It has been a great experience for all of those involved and we are very proud that the musicians who tried the violin were uniformly enthusiastic!

The IMS violin made its concert debut this Sunday when it was played by James Clark at the Open Chamber Music Concert in Penryn. He was joined by Christopher Marwood (cello) and Mishka Rushdie Momen (piano) in a brilliant performance of the Charles Ives Piano Trio.

Performance of Ives’ Piano Trio in Penryn ©Martin Hartley

James kindly shared his thoughts on the instrument:

“I’m astounded how beautiful and rich-sounding this violin is, just a few hours after being strung for the very first time… was so easy to play, just a few minutes of practise and I felt completely at home with it….I felt I could ask it anything tonally, and it would give it to me straight away, so responsive…people listening to the performance were really enthusiastic too, of the qualities evident in the sound….it’s also beautifully made and lovely to hold, even as yet unvarnished!

Bravo to Peter Greiner and Mark Jennings on a wonderful project, beautifully realised. Whoever has the good fortune to play this violin regularly in the future will be in for a treat….I’m still smiling!”

On behalf of all of us at IMS and all the musicians at this year’s seminar, we would like to thank Peter and Mark for an amazing two weeks! We look forward to sharing our future plans for the new instrument in the coming months, on the IMS website and in our newsletters.