News from Miclen (and the violin)

The first IMS violin has been on loan to Miclen LaiPang for a few months now, and he says ‘I have only had wonderful feedback in regard to the sound and beauty of the violin’.

Miclen has played the instrument as one of the soloists at the iPalpiti International Festival in Los Angeles under the direction of Eduard Schmieder. In July, he played at the memorial service of his late professor Alice Schoenfeld, alongside Anne Akiko Meyers, Ken Aiso and Linda Wang. See the performance here. He has also played the violin in Italy, and on tour with the LGT Young Soloists to the Rheingau Music Festival, Braunwald Musikwoche in Switzerland and the Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg, during which Miclen premiered a new transcription of the Beethoven Kreutzer Sonata for orchestra and violin. The tour received excellent reviews from Die Welt and Glarus 24.

Miclen will be performing on the IMS violin at: Berlin Philharmonie (29th October), Stuttgart New Palace (1st November), Dubai (6th November), Luxembourg Philharmonie (11th November), Casino Zug, Switzerland (28th November), Musikverein Vienna (29th November), Bangkok (3rd December), Jakarta (5th December), Victoria Hall, Singapore (9th December) and in Hong Kong on 11th December.

He says: ‘Thank you to everyone at IMS for this wonderful opportunity to play this beautiful instrument! I have had such great experience with it and I can’t wait to grow together with this new instrument. I’m looking forward to seeing where it will take me!’