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DAY 13 : Concert debut

Our daily updates from here at IMS Prussia Cove have now come to an end. It has been a great experience for all of those involved and we are very proud that the musicians who tried the violin were uniformly enthusiastic! The IMS violin made its concert debut this Sunday when it was played by […]

DAY 12 : Varnishing

The violin is here in the workshop so that musicians arriving this week will have a chance to play it. The last step for the makers is the varnishing which will be done gradually between now and the spring: 1) surface preparation – the texture of the wood and the colour are paramount to the […]

DAY 11 : The moment has come…

There is great excitement here – the violin is finally ready to be played (we had to fit the strings the night before so they could settle). This is how it looks now, unvarnished, of course: This morning many musicians came to the workshop to try it out and the reactions were very positive, but […]

DAY 10 : Gluing the neck

In the video below you can see how Peter glues the neck to the body. Now only the final parts need to be assembled and it will be ready to play. Peter and Mark have been working day and night to achieve this in such a short time!

DAY 9 : Finishing the body

The bass bar, made of spruce, is the bracing glued to the underside of the top plate to prevent the arching from collapsing. It runs underneath the foot of the bridge on the bass side and helps take the pressure that the strings place on the plate through the bridge. When this is glued and […]

DAY 8 : Participant’s comments

The body of the violin is being glued together and now needs to dry. Meanwhile, we have been keeping a visitor’s book and here are some of the comments: Hannah Shaw (viola) : Despite being someone who has been busy with playing a string instrument for most of my life, I realised a few years ago […]

DAY 7 : Purfling and ff-holes

There are several things that make every luthier’s instrument identifiable – the shape of the violin, the purfling and the ff-holes are three of them. The purfling is the beautiful-looking inlay running around the edges of the body. It’s primary function is to protect the plates, preventing the spread of moisture and helping to stop […]

DAY 6 : Sound

Our violin is taking shape. Look how far we have come since day 1: Of course the body of the violin is one of the most important components contributing to make the sound of the instrument. How can we make a violin sound good? The construction can help us predict if it will be a […]

DAY 5 : Removing the mould

Another week has started here at the IMS and we are glad to welcome a new group of musicians at the seminar. Over the weekend we had exceptional concerts – so inspirational! Many people have been coming to the workshop every day and even Peter and Mark are surprised how quickly things have been progressing. […]

DAY 4 : The ribs of the violin

We are now on our way to the beautiful church at St Hilary for the last concert of the first group of musicians at the seminar. We are so grateful for all their contributions to the violin project – it has been truly fun working with such an amazing group of people.  Mark bending the […]

DAY 3 : Becoming a luthier

The violin project has proved equally exciting for adults and children, and we’ve enjoyed having some little helpers here with us. We also started thinking about how one might grow up to become a luthier and asked our resident luthiers about how their careers developed in this niche and exacting profession. Mark: “After finishing high […]

DAY 2 : Making the back of the violin

It’s busy here today – musicians are getting ready for the weekend concerts (see the programme here) and the violin project has got off to a great start. Everybody is enjoying dropping in to the buzzing workshop between their rehearsals to help out, even the volunteers, guests and staff have been spotted there quite often! […]